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Advertising Opportunities

Would you like to gain unprecedented brand exposure to our vast community of active users? The Pocket Ranger® integrated media platform delivers America’s largest audience of active, outdoor-oriented families and wildlife enthusiasts. Now, our turnkey platform makes it possible; including: Pocket Ranger eXchange® mobile and internet sites, Official State Park System mobile apps and mobile websites, and, Official State Fish & Wildlife System mobile apps and mobile websites. Advertisers get recognition as “supporters of the parks/F &W; areas” and opportunities for immediate brand interaction across thousands of consumer touch-points. Utilizing either rich media banner bars, designated splash pages, interstitials, opt-in push notifications, unique branded content and/or videos, etc., advertisers build business and expand their loyal consumer base. Offering a completely clutter-free environment, the Pocket Ranger® platform is an efficient way to reach consumers nationally, regionally, locally, or seasonally – let us show you all the options.

Sponsor a “Geo Challenge”

Make your brand “part of the adventure” and help stimulate visitation to America’s parks! State agencies are very appreciative of those companies that encourage use of these vital resources and offer numerous opportunities for widespread in-park exposure. You’ll also get expanded visibility across the complete Pocket Ranger® platform as well as AmericasStateParks.Org, the national site created by the National Association of State Park Directors.

No other promotional program offers so many ways for sponsoring companies to interact with consumers and capture critical consumer information for follow-up direct marketing. Sponsors can reward registered participants with points for loyalty programs, digital coupons, merchandise or special incentives – you decide! Our team is available to make it all easy with creative ideas, strategies and logistical support. Most importantly, you’ll get consumers talking about your brand and sharing their experiences with others.

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