Pocket Ranger®’s advanced GPS technology combines the functionality of an advanced GPS handheld device with the state surveyed Geographic Information System or GIS. Advanced GPS features allow you to mark and share waypoints, as well as record tracks, share activities, and cache park maps. The app’s waypoint marking feature provides detailed location information including latitude, longitude, altitude, and direction, and can be shared with registered recipients via Facebook and Twitter.


Pocket Ranger® takes your outdoor explorations to a whole new level, utilizing the app’s advanced GPS technology to create an exciting, educational and interpretive game. Geochallenges combine the thrill and adventure of traditional geocaching with the eco-conscious spirit of the Pocket Ranger® apps. Allow any one of the apps to guide you from landmark to landmark, unlocking the mystery and beauty of America’s state parks while earning points and prizes. From historic monuments to natural wonders, Geochallenge destinations are rewarding all on their own.

Friend Finder

Forget journeying alone! Pocket Ranger®’s Friend Finder feature allows you to track your friends’ travels within the parks and recreation areas. The Friend Finder generates a unique PIN that allows friends to share their GPS location and view each other on a map for a full 24 hours, making it an ideal way to arrange a meet-up, monitor a friend’s progress, or relocate a companion who may have gotten separated from the group. The Friend Finder feature bridges geographical gaps and reconnects us with our fellow adventurers.

Map Caching

No cell phone service? No problem! Pocket Ranger®’s built-in map caching feature allows you to download and store map tiles so that you may retrieve them in areas without mobile data reception. This useful feature can be found in the Advanced GPS section of any one of our state park apps, and viewed at any time under My Cached Maps for safe and convenient navigating. Say goodbye to getting lost in the woods!

Trail Recording

Keep track of your of treks with Pocket Ranger®’s GPS Trail Recorder, a handy feature that allows hikers, bikers and outdoor explorers to record, save, and share their activities at their convenience. Using this GPS feature you can:

  • Record tracks of runs, hikes, bike rides, or any outdoor activity, which makes monitoring progress or returning to a favorite journey a cinch
  • View plotted tracks in compatible apps such as Google Earth and Google Maps on both Macs and PCs
  • Post a waypoint or track to a Facebook wall so that friends may admire your discoveries or follow in your footsteps
  • Share a track directly through email with registered recipients
Waypoint Marking

View or return to your favorite spots again and again using your saved waypoints. Mark and save a waypoint with just a few clicks using Pocket Ranger®’s advanced GPS features. Plot a traditional waypoint or include a photo as a visual reminder of your travels. Waypoints may be recalled at a later date when returning to a particular park, shared with registered recipients, or exported.

Photo Waypoint

Add some oomph to your favorite outdoor sites using Pocket Ranger®’s GPS features to include photos along with waypoints for a shared visual experience. Capture a stunning view or remarkable discovery with a photo waypoint, and then share your find with a simple click of a button. You may also add detailed descriptions about each photo waypoint such as names, notes, or category, and then easily share, export and view on a map all within the app.

(safety communications)

In the event of an emergency, help is never far away when you use the app’s Alert feature. This safety button allows you to reach out to registered recipients, who in return are able to view your precise GPS location. The alert feature also allows you and your designated contacts to message back and forth, and serves as a useful communication tool when traveling in groups.